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Supermarket End Cap

Supermarket End Cap

End Caps are best configured from a Madix Single Sided Wall Section with a double back.  This type of configuration is the most affordable and provides the most strength as the base shoes are connected directly to the upright.

Single Sided End Caps slide up against an existing Gondola Double Sided Aisle and sit flush against the aisle.  Extra hardware is not required using the configuration.

To make sure you receive the correct Gondola End Display Merchandiser, you must measure your existing Gondola Island Shelving height and deck width.  Below are measurements that need to be correct.

Supermarket End Cap Heights

Gondola Heights

36 Inches - 42 Inches - 48 Inches
54 Inches - 60 Inches - 66 Inches
70 Inches - 72 Inches - 78 Inches
84 Inches - 90 Inches - 96 Inches

Supermarket End Cap Depths

Gondola Base Widths

12 Inches - 14 Inches - 16 Inches
18 Inches - 20 Inches - 22 Inches
24 Inches - 30 Inches


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