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Supermarket Shelves Upright

Supermarket Shelves Upright

Available for Marid ans Lozier Gondola Shelving

The Standard Basic Upright is one of the main pillars to a Gondola Shelving unit that primarily holds up the shelving unit.  We have basic uprights available for Madix shelving.

A Madix Basic Upright is slotted on 1" centers for flexibility plus maximum space.  Carefully engineered of heavy gauge, high tensile steel components welded into a single unit with a 15,000 inch pound rating. All Basic Uprights have an integral leveler.  Upright Cap is not included. (see UC) Kickplates of either closed or open type or reinforced base shoes must be installed on shelving runs.

The Madix Basic Upright is available in heights from 36" high to 96" high and is compatible with the Madix Maxiline single sided or double sided shelving units or sections.

Supermarket Shelves Upright