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This webpage provides useful information, affordable pricing, and online sales of Wire Supermarket Shelves.

Madix Wire Shelves for Bakery Bread, Potato Chip Displays, Bedding, Linens, and Candy Retail Stores

Supermarket Bakery Shelves

Madix Wire Bakery Shelves

Bakery Shelf Brackets

Bakery Wire Shelf Brackets

Supermarket Chip Shelf

Wire Potato Chip Shelf for Gondola

Supermarket Flower Shelf

Wire Flower Shelf for Gondola

Wire Bed Wall Shelf

Wire Bed Wall Shelf

The Wire Bed Wall Shelf provides the ideal way to display linens. Shelf may be displayed flat or at a 15 degree downslant. The front lip is 5" high. The shelf is available in either 36" or 48" widths and depths of 22", 30", 36" and 42".  Load capacity is 50 lbs.

Supermarket Candy Shelf

Wire Candy Shelf

This versatile wire shelf is used for lightweight merchandising of items such as small boxes of candy, gum, etc. With flat or a 15 degree downtilt bracket position, and a 2" high front lip. It allows various product presentations.

the wire candy shelf is also suitable for other uses. Wires are spaced 1 1/2" OC. The optimal tag molding accepts 1 1/4" tags. Load capacity of 30 lbs.


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