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Supermarket Shelf Dividers

Supermarket Shelf Dividers

Front Fences and Shelf Dividers for Supermarket Shelves

Compatible with most Supermarket Shelves we have a freestanding Wire Binning System or front Fences and supermarket shelf dividers that provides retail stores the ability in product merchandising of lighter products. 

The front fences have welded on thabs with hooks that attach the fences and dividers to shelf perforations.

Fronts and dividers may be used independent of one another.

Vertical wire are on 1" centers. Chrome plated finish.

Available for all lengths and depths.

Supermarket Shelf Dividers

1" High Front Fences

1" High Front Fences1" High Front Fences
1" High Front Fences

The Wire Truss PMF Front attaches to either the Madix or Lozier Standard Base or Upper Shelf, and it serves as an option for shelf retainers and wire fronts. The Wire Truss PMF Front attaches into the shelf perforations using the supplied pine cone clips.


It offers product retention while affording a high-end look throughout the area of the store. The 7/8" tall WTPMFF may complement Madix Wire Truss Shelves, which also have the "zigzag" wire pattern.

WTPMFF Available for 3' Wide & 4' Wide Sections


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