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Supermarket Chip Display

Supermarket Chip Display
Supermarket Chip Display

This webpage provides information, affordable pricing, and online sales of Supermarket Chip Display


Here Is How a Supermarket Store Displays Bags of Chips!

Supermarket Chip Display is configured from Madix Gondola Shelving in either a single sided or double sided island shelving system.

Can be configured with either a wire chip shelf or a standard upper shelf using a front fence to hold the bags of chips onto the shelf. 

Both the Wire chip shelf or the standard upper shelf with a fence will hold the bags of chips on the shelf.

Wire Snack Shelf

Wire Potato Chip Shelf for Gondola

The Wire Snack Shelf provides an economical way to display a variety of snack products.

When combined with the Wire Utility Basket, ordered separately, allows cross merchandising with dips and salsa.

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